Frozen: a Child’s Favorite

When Frozen came out in the year 2013 may children and families immediately fell in love. The story about two sisters who learned to overcome the greatest obstacle that cause them to fall off, fear of power. With many underlying messages about life, the producer, Peter Del Vecho.

The storyline on what Peter Del Vecho commented, is based off of the Hans Christian Andersen stories while also adding some of The Snow Queen story that was published in 1845. The reasons for why this movie became such a hit when it was released was mainly because of that sisterly connection that Elsa and Anna had with each other and how although they were found to make unpopular decisions, the movie was able to make the audience see things from both perspectives and was able to connect with the audiences emotions, well, at least it did for me.

Peter Del Vecho, as mentioned before, was the main producer of Frozen movie which was known for earning the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Film. He was also the producer for the films, “The Princess and the Frog” and Winnie the Pooh”. After creating Frozen he went on for the year 2015 to create a short film associated the characters of Frozen called “Frozen Fever”

This short film also became a hit back in 2015 because of all the thousands of little frozen fans around the world. This movie is very entertaining and the concept of the movie is a positive and happy one a movie loved by most parents for their children.

When watching a movie it is common for people to just go over the hard work that was used to create such a great film. Although it was an animated movie, there was still much research put into this such as the lighting aspect. In order for the designers of the animation to make it as realistic or accurate as possible they had to study how the light reflects from the snow to different objects. For example the scene where Elsa’s castle appears you could see the reflection of the snows white lighting and how it affected that setting in contrast to when they were in in their other kingdom where Anna and Elsa grew up in.

Another important aspect to examine is the music. The Frozen movie in certain ways can be considered as a musical because of the different musical numbers that they both broke into such as, the biggest one that the movie is known for; “Let it go”.

When watching this movie, at the end, we were asked to complete this worksheet of questions regarding the movie, the actors, the producers, and our thoughts on this movie. After doing this assignment I realized that although this was not one of my most favorite child films of all time, I did not believe it to be one of the worst either. The graphics were amazing and it was very colorful and eye catching especially for the younger audiences. When I realized who the producer was, I agreed with the fact that at least in my opinion, some of his classic Disney films he had made earlier on, could not be compared. Films like Winnie the Pooh, which was one I personally grew up with has more sentimental value to me that Frozen but for other children that grow up with Frozen could feel the same about this movie.

-Gabby Luna

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