Exploring Film Criticism with a New Perspective

When my journey began with film criticism I had no idea how I was supposed to do it right. Then, one of the first things that I learned which became to be one of the biggest factors when it comes to film criticism is baggage. That I learned to become one of the most important first steps when it comes to even before starting a movie. This is because we want to give the audiences reading our criticism to see an unbiased analysis and it would be difficult to do so when you begin with a biased opinion of the movie before it has even begun.

There are many other things that I have learned about this semester that are valuable to my film criticism. One thing that it has changed is the way that I see things. When I would go into the theatre to watch a movie I was not as concerned as to the lighting or the angles or technical things concerning to the creation of the movie and it seems that I did not learn to appreciate the movie by the efforts that had been taken to make it but just by how the content is presented on the screen. Now, when I look at the movie I realize that I unconsciously pay attention to those small filming details like the affect the music has or the lighting and angling of the camera and I realized that in a way it helped me to appreciate the movie more.

I believe that because of all of what I have learned, it has helped me to realize those certain aspects of the filmmaking process that makes a film production high quality and it has helped me to enjoy the movie better than I would have without this knowledge of the elements of filmmaking.

I definitely feel like this course has changed alot when it comes to my perspective of film. I do and have learned to appreciate films that used to not be of my type or the kind that I was used to. I also learned to appreciate when I get my money’s worth based on the value of the movie. When I mentioned appreciating films that were not of my type I mean especially the older ones. I used to believe that they were just boring with dumb content but when I learned to give it a chance especially because of the semester project I had was dedicated to a 1960’s film I realized that they are not as bad as I realized. So I guess my take away from this is that I should always be willing to give every film a chance and also, to leave my baggage behind.

-Gabby Luna

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