What Baggage means to Me and Why

When examining different types of film it is important that we make sure we leave our baggage behind. In order to do this it is important to know what it means. So, what is baggage anyway? To me it means different things as in it could be positive or negative. Sometimes baggage could be something that could lead you to really dislike a movie or film but also it could be something that makes one of those films become your favorite. There are many examples but I would like to consider only a couple.

There are some film like TV shows that are very good, well produced, with a great script that can keep the audience captivated. For me one of these is the TV show “Grey’s Anatomy”. This is one of my personal favorite TV shows. Right now there are 14 seasons of pure content. Personally it has not not had a stale moment and so that is why I would consider this show a “binge-worthy” show. Although this is my opinion and I do believe I am not the only one to think so, there are some people who would not appreciate this show as much as I. There are probably many reasons for this. Some, don’t like it because it simply is not of their preference. Other reasons could be because it may have way to much drama and things going on to keep up. This could be an example of baggage. In a way it could be what makes you lean towards a certain type of film more than others.

Something about me that could be considered as negative baggage is that I do not like old Western movies at all. I could watch it but I would not guarantee that it will be of my enjoyment. I have many reasons why but I will not go into detail about that. This does not mean I do not enjoy older films because I love sitting with my grandpa watching his favorite show, El Zorro . Also Star Wars is one of my all time favorite type of old movies.

I believe that having personal baggage is not bad when it comes to selecting a good movie for your movie night because obviously you want to watch something that will be enjoyable and entertaining to you.

By: Gabby Luna

“What film means to me”

Many days sitting on my couch home alone it may be a rainy day and nothing gives me a better feeling than being all cuddled up in my blankets watching a good movie on Netflix. My name is Gabriela Luna, but I prefer being called Gabby. I love movies and I generally am not too picky about them as long as it can keep me interested for the whole time.

I was born in Puerto Rico but I moved to the United States when I was three years old. As a kid I loved movies, I would always make my parents sit and watch Disney movies with me every single weekend. I always adored watching Disney princess movies like Aladdin with princess Jasmine, or princess and the frog etcetera. These were all amazing movies to me that I will always treasure as part of my childhood.

One, of the many movies that I may have watched as a kid that I remember clearly is The Lion King. This was such an amazing movie and when I discovered it I would watch it and rewatch it and rewatch it again without getting bored once and to this day I would do the same.

The thing with me is that I am a very emotional person. I cry very often in movies and I get weird looks from my parents because they don’t get why I tear up over a fictitious character when they die. An, experience that I have had, which now that I remember it, was one of the first times that I could remember that my aunt had taken me to watch a movie. We went to watch this movie called The Dinosaur movie. This movie is a Disney movie made in the year 2000. This movie is older than me considering that I was born on the year 2003. Anyways, this movie is probably the first movie I remember that made me cry as much as I had. This movie is one of my least favorite films because it was so sad. So many characters died and they had to make it be one of the younger ones which was the saddest part,(I won’t say anymore so I won’t spoil it). Although this movie was a good movie in the way that the graphics and the content was pretty good considering it was 2000.

If you have not noticed yet I really do like Disney movies considering they are what I grew with but I like different types of genres of movies and TV shows as well. Some of the genres to name a few are Comedy, Romance and Drama. Here are some of the films that I like the most:

The images above show three different types of genres that I like. I am currently very much into the Grey’s anatomy show and I find it pretty exciting. Something else that I am also excited for is this class in which I will get the opportunity to express useful information that I hope will benefit all who decide to read my blogs.


By: Gabriela Alicea-Luna

Date: January 2, 2019